Prophet Speak is a free workshop designed to train new prophets and better equip functional prophets in this administrative – motivational spiritual gift. The entry-level requirements are: (1) completion of the prophetic battery test designed by Dr. Evette [OFFERED ONSITE], (2) an established life of communion with God AND A DESIRE TO UNDERSTAND THE PROPHETIC DISPENSATIOn [PARAGRAPH ON YOUR WALK], AND (3) Pastor, bishop, or Apostle recommendation [STRONGLY ENCOURAGED].

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Prophet Speak has the following objectives: define prophet and explore the biblical definition of prophet; explore the origin of prophecy by evaluating the nature and function of prophecy; identify the call and understand the process of commissioning; classify the various types of prophecy; examine the role of a prophet and identify the characteristics of a prophet; establish an appreciation for all prophets (minor, major, others) in the bible by exploring the world of the individual prophet and their message; evaluate the nature and function of prophecy through the manifested gift of the Spirit; employ practical application of the prophetic gift (i.e. prophetic intercession, declaration by permission, interpretation of dreams and visions, and words of knowledge). 

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“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”
~ Matthew 7:20 KJV

Applications and Exercises

Prophet Speak offers practical application and exercises to cultivate the spiritual gift. Students are given free materials to aid in their study and are assigned a senior prophet mentor for further development. The mentor-mentee assignments are handled by the senior prophetic staff. Also, the completion of Prophet Speak (see journal above) is a requirement of the mentor-mentee relationship.

Dr. Decker Tapscott, Sr.


Dr. Decker Tapscott, the senior pastor of Faith Christian Church and International Outreach Center (FCCIOC) in Warrenton Virginia, has endorsed Prophet Speak. He is the founder and overseer of FCCIOC and The Fellowship of Prophetic Churches and Ministries with more than 15 churches under his apostolic covering and guidance. Dr. Decker Tapscott is the senior prophet whereby the workshop, its facilitator, and attending students are held accountable.

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